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The Deer Initiative


"Just a quick note to say ‘thank you’ for the speedy resolution of our email problem on Friday afternoon, and also for the phone call and email update from Chris to keep me in the picture. It’s unfortunate when things go wrong – but how you fix them is (sometimes) just as important! "

Feedback provided by Pauline, 17 June 2013

Marguerite Web Design


"I would like to thank all at TwentyHost for the excellent service you have, and still continue to, provide both to myself and to my individual clients on a regular basis. I have used several different hosting providers in the past but your service far exceeds the best of them. I would recommend TwentyHost without hesitation to anyone who is looking for a reliable and competitively priced hosting provider with first class after sales service. Kind regards Margaret "

Feedback provided by Margaret, 1 November 2012

Backup Account Client

Southern Africa Places

"We've had an excellent service from you, for many years, and will recommend you service without hesitancy to anyone."

Feedback provided by Abrie, 7 September 2012

Leisure Furniture


"Everything has been OK, thank you. No problems. Your support has been excellent. Circumstances have changed so no longer needed."

Feedback provided by Jackie, 19 October 2011



"I would like to start out by saying a big thank you to you for the excellent experience, pleasure and fun I have had in hosting from one of your custom shared packages. It has been both a vital part of my education over the last year and has served as an interesting part of my social life. The qualities of service I have received from you have been nothing less than swift and professional on every count. Although the shared package does have its restrictions it is an excellent product for anyone wanting to explore the possibilities of hosting. On previous contact with your technical support staff Vince he was even able to accommodate a custom upgrade for extra databases and storage space. Vince also helped me on another occasion to do a full domain backup when I messed things up. I would like to end by thanking you once again I feel you have been a good experience and I would recommend hosting with TwentyHost"

Feedback provided by David, 17 October 2011



"I have been perfectly happy with the service you have provided - I have not noticed any downtime and your responses to my technical support queries have always been prompt and effective."

Feedback provided by David, 20 August 2011

Mountain Bikes Apart


"Your service and tech support is the best I've had, by far, with any ISP (with just about any company in general if I'm honest!) - the main reason I've stayed with you guys despite arguably better prices and options elsewhere - so that could be really good.

Feedback provided by Colin, 17 January 2011



"Superb.... A support ticket to Twentyhost (Admins or Billing) gets a rapid reply from someone who not only understands the question but knows the answer and takes the next step if they can. This is a refreshing change from canned answers that don't hit the mark. I hit a couple of snags recently and they were solved in minutes with a follow up that if there is anything else they can do to let them know. Hmmm... must remember to research it a little myself first, I could get lazy!"

Feedback provided by nickninety, via our forum, 24 January 2009

Edinburgh Web Designs


"Vince and Team at TwentyHost, I've been meaning to post a glowing recommendation here for a while. TwentyHost has been absolutely superb. Hosting and facilities are top notch with an excellent WHM/CPanel setup and very reasonable rates - the best facilities I could find for shared multi-domain hosting when I did a comprehensive research of UK-based offerings before signing up. Since then, customer support has been excellent. Vince and team will usually reply to support tickets in a matter of minutes never mind hours! They will often go the extra mile to find resolutions to issues or investigate if something is possible, even if it's not strictly their responsibility to do so. I've had help with developing a client area for my clients, personalised nameservers, secure certificates and more. To potential customers, I would recommend TwentyHost without hesitation. To speak to us, you can contact us through our website and we'll tell you the same thing! Thanks TwentyHost! :) "

Feedback provided by EdinWeb, via our forum, 11 October 2008

Stacey Kent


" I've been a web developer and user of hosting companies for over 10 years now and as you can imagine have been through quite a few companies that start off great and gradually decline. TwentyHost however are one of the only companies I have faith in recommending as consistently first class, from support to billing to server requirements. "

Feedback provided by Karl, via WebHostingStuff, 22 September 2008



" Great Service. I fully agree with other customers - the rapid response and quality of direct personal advice I get from TwentyHost when anything appears to go amiss is great, and quite unprecedented in the modern world of telephone queuing systems and endless lists of irrelevant 'options' to click through. I've found this from the very beginning, when I set up my TextPattern-driven website here with little knowledge of how such things could be done. Thanks a million, TH, and don't find some spurious short-term accounting reason to let this level of service drop! It makes the difference between you and almost anyone else. "

Feedback provided by Robert, 3 May 2008

The Grange Hotel, Great Yarmouth


" I have been very happy with the services provided by TwentyHost, particularly the swift and helpful replies to tickets submitted, and am only cancelling because I no longer have need of your services. However, if I need hosting in the future I will be sure to come back to you! Many thanks "

Feedback provided by Suzanne, on closure of account, 3 May 2008

Hours Past

Hours Past

" All the services provided were excellent, really enjoyed using it! Everything was simple, had no problems whatsoever. Which included both FTP and http uploading etc. The only reason for cancelling is that we hardly ever use it and at the moment, is not worth renewing. However, when we do need to, it will definitely be with Twentyhost. "

Feedback provided by Ben, on closure of account, 17 January 2008



" Excellent service...can't fault it. Support is fast, faster than even some of the top well known companies. Hosting is also excellent...again, I can't fault it. For anyone that needs hosting with a company that knows how to treat their members properly, this is the host you need. If, as technology changes, and things develop, I would certainly be glad to come back, even just for the support alone, that is almost priceless in this day and age. "

Feedback provided by Stephen, on closure of account, 16 April 2008

Easy Hosting Solutions


" Great Hosting Company. Easy to use hosting solutions. Fast at responding to questions. Very impressed. I have no hesitation in recommending them. "

Feedback provided by tomdorrian, via our forum, 30 October 2007



" I have been around the internet, and no doubt so has millions of others. We all have at least one thing in common, we want the best. Whether we want more money, more freedom, more of anything, or just simply want to try and better ourselves by learning new stuff, we just want to be who we can be. I too want the best, but i'm a poor old-ish type that demands and looks for very high qualities in everything I do, from real life to online. As for a website host, I demand the best, and in return, I aim to let others know that the host in question is the best, and that I recommend them. There are millions to choose from, lots of cheap and free ones, but with them other cheap and free ones, you get exactly what you pay for...nothing if not poor service. I found TwentyHost in a magazine, and thought as I normally do, and was skeptical. However, I was...and still am very sadly mistaken and blown away at the superior quality of service, and the technical expertise of the staff. That combines with the almost unparallelled hosting plans, at very reasonable prices...i can almost challenge anyone to find a better deal, and in my book, if they do, then it's probably too good to be true. Dont be fooled by the "unlimited" bandwidth routine, there is no such thing without a restriction on acceptable use. At least Twentyhost has the opportunity to buy more bandwidth if you exceed the very generous already included amount. I cannot fault TwentyHost, and only hope more people will sign up, and experience for themselves the expert host they are. "

Feedback provided by Wingus, via our forum, 26 September 2007



" Last night at 8:43pm I asked a question of support. By 8:49pm I received an answer that not only solved the problem and get this - it wasn't a no use / pre written answer that I've sadly come to expect from other hosts. The problem I had wasn't the end of the world by any means and could easily have waited until the morning. So far...I've not had to wait over 15 mins for a response to a support ticket. All in all - thanks for looking after me. "

Feedback provided by MartinM, via our forum, 30 August 2007

Caroline Ward - Vocalist


" Yes I too was wondering how they did it so cheap, but they do. Set up very quick & everything been OK. Simply loved the Site Builder - so easy to use & get superb results even for a novice. Web mail & POP mail easy to use and set up - better & easier than some webhosts I've used in the past. Quick servers too Brilliant - just do it "

Feedback provided by williamward, via our forum, 24 August 2007

The Brereton and Rugeley Parish Website


" As a Returning Customer (also own www.tribal-code.co.uk which we host with Twentyhost.co.uk), I knew that TwentyHost is a awesome hosting company. Server uptime is 100%, customer support is brilliant, with replies for support queries even on Sundays and Bank Holidays! I would seriously recommend these guys to anyone who wants a hosting company who cares! Many Thanks TwentyHost.co.uk! "

Feedback provided by Aaron, 24 June 2007



" Feedback - I thought I'd leave you some because I'm so impressed with TwentyHost ... I have two servers hosted in the US *NOT* by TwentyHost and I suppose I've come to expect the type of service I received. Not bad - they reply to emails the same day, reboot the server if required but nothing ever special (except the time they removed the hard drive 'by mistake'). However, I wanted to start a project which involved the site being hosted on a server that's in the UK. I looked around for a host but I was worried about the support. In the past, if there was a problem I would roll up my sleeves and put it right (normally with a lot of reading on the freebsd websites, unfortunately). The thought of having to wait hours / days for canned response to an email didn't appeal but I needn't have worried. So far, with TwentyHost I've had to email support 4 times - twice for general information, once because I had set up my email incorrectly *cough* and once because a script that was vital to the running of my site wasn't working. To date, the longest time it has taken to get a reply was 8 minutes (according to time stamps on the emails) and the replies gave me the exact answer that I was after and I got my script working within minutes of the email. Speed - so much faster than the non TwentyHost sites hosted in the USA according to pings and the TwentyHost servers aren't stuffed with sites to try and make a few quid so you're not slowed down by overworked hardware. All in all, I am so, so glad that I'm with TwentyHost and I'm already talking people around who previously thought that virtual hosting couldn't be as good as this. "

Feedback provided by MartinM, via our forum, 11 March 2007

BBD Hosting


" In relation to the migration, I have had fantastic service & support from www.twentyhost.co.uk. Vince and his team have helped me through the process. It's always nice to be able to call them if needed. "

Feedback provided by Craig, 30 January 2007

Tranquil Earth


" Just would like to say that I think Twenty Hosts Server is the easiest to use, especially for those who are just venturing into the world of web design. I had NEVER ever, even contemplated doing anything of this sort, but it has been so easy and the company are so helpful and nothing seems too much trouble for them. "

Feedback provided by Pat, via our forum, 27 November 2006



" Just a quick note to express my views about the service I have received from Twenty Host. Being a person of limited computer knowledge the thought of designing and making live a web site seemed quite daunting!!!! Right from my initial enquiry with Twenty Host the friendly help and advice I have received has surpassed my expectations. The whole process of creating the web site through to hosting was explained thoroughly by Vince - some area's being explained more than once where I had difficulty understanding - patience certainly one of Vince's strong points! All the hosting packages available to me were explained thoroughly and together we decided on my hosting plan. After many frustrating hours designing my web site personally using FrontPage (good and bad points explained by Vince) I was ready to make it go LIVE. Again this process I wasn't too confident with but with Vince's guidance it was a smooth and trouble free operation. All the staff at Twenty Host I have dealt with have always been extremely helpful, polite and always provide a swift response when support is requested. I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending Twenty Host. EXCELLENT products, EXCELLENT service, HIGHLY recommended "

Feedback provided by simonb, via our forum, 23 November 2006

Pete Hawkins


" Isn't it nice to speak to a real person without having to put up with Greensleeves on the way? Isn't it nice to ask a question by email and get an almost instantaneous response that not only answers the questions you ask but also makes sense. Having transferred my account from a big and faceless hosting company to FIS, I have been delighted with the service. Value for money, excellent support, approachable ... I could go on ... and probably will to colleagues who host with the big boys. Small is beautiful. Did I mention how good the service is? and no Greensleeves or Vivaldi or U2 or ............ "

Feedback provided by Pete, 14 August 2006

Tribal Code


" I would recommend Future Internet Services to anybody who was looking to make a website. They offer fantastic services at an excellent price and their support is awesome, doubt there is any better out there. To sum it all up - top quality host. "

Feedback provided by Dominic, 7 August 2006



" I have to say the uptime and service you have given us has been better than I thought and thanks to you we are doing well as a new growing site. We are not a big group or a part of a big company, we have put a lot of work into making a go of it and with your help, keeping the up time to the max, we could make it. "

Feedback provided by David, 28 June 2006

Truly Free Stuff


" I have only been hosting with you for a short time, but have had occasion to ask for support via the telephone and e-mail. On the phone the person I spoke to was curteous, extremely helpful and a pleasure to deal with. Responses to emails were prompt, concise and easy to understand. All in all the best support I have received from a hosting company in over seven years! I shall certainly be hosting my next site with you. "

Feedback provided by David, 25 April 2006



" I must also take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent support, I have no doubt that Future Internet Services will be able to facilitate the future growth of my website. I am absolutely delighted with the service I have received. I have received excellent support in all areas especially MySQL and PHP. If you are writing an application or a dynamic site I would definitely recommend hosting with Future Internet Services. "

Feedback provided by Jacob, 25 April 2006

The Grange Hotel, Great Yarmouth


" I would just like to say a BIG "Thank you" to you for sorting out my uploading problem with FrontPage. I have only signed up to Future Internet Services today and I am most impressed with the speed of the support I have received, especially considering it is a Sunday! My client's website has been down for a week and I badly needed to get it online again, so I am truly thankful for the help and time you have given me, and feel gratified that I made the right decision today to join your company. "

Feedback provided by Suzanne, 12 March 2006

The Briar Patch


" Thank you so much for all the invaluable help you have offered me at a fantastic price. Future Internet Services are head and shoulders above the rest and have met my wee site needs to a T! Having a website to show off my products has definitely increased my business visibility and profits!! I wouldn't think twice in recommending Future Internet Services to anyone in need of a website! Thanks! "

Feedback provided by Lia, 21 February 2006

20th Century Boyz


" Thanks again for the help with everything, much appreciated. All seems to be well with the website now!! I'm grateful you help me cos I really don't know what I'm doing!! I just try things and see if they work!! Might be getting a bit out of my depth now though....!!! "

Feedback provided by , via our forum,

Cast Iron Cooking


" Thank you so much for all your patient help. I am so glad I picked your company, Future Internet Services, as my Webhost - great service at an unbelievably good price. I shall certainly recommend your company to others. What a pleasure to find such understanding help given in a calm and clear manner - well done. "

Feedback provided by Katy, 28 January 2006

Martyn's Removals


" This is my first website, and I had no idea of how to do it. I looked at other hosting companies and they offered less or even no help at all. You were brilliant and I am very impressed with your level of service and support. Thanks again! "

Feedback provided by Martyn, 22 November 2005