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This plan is ideal for individuals or businesses who only require a single backup account to back up to.

TwentyHost is an online solution that allows you to securely backup your business and personal data, with immediate availability 24 hours a day. With our fully flexible plans, we are able to accommodate all of your storage requirements. It is always a disaster if any business loses critical data but for companies without proper backup systems in place, the effect can be devastating. Until recently an effective offsite backup service required a substantial budget, but now we are able to provide an affordable solution. With reasonable broadband speeds now widespread, remote backup over the internet is now more practical than ever before.

All our backup plans offer:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • FTP over SSL
  • cPanel Webdisk
  • Shell Access
  • RAID Protection
  • Unlimited Backups
  • Remote Backup 10

    • 10Gb Disk Space

    £50.00 Per Year


  • Remote Backup 50

    • 50Gb Disk Space

    £10.00 Per Month Or £100.00 Per Year


  • Remote Backup 100

    • 100Gb Disk Space

    £15.00 Per Month Or £150.00 Per Year


  • Remote Backup 200

    • 200Gb Disk Space

    £25.00 Per Month Or £250.00 Per Year


  • Remote Backup 500

    • 200Gb Disk Space

    £55.00 Per Month Or £550.00 Per Year


  • Remote Backup 1000

    • 1000Gb Disk Space

    £95.00 Per Month Or £950.00 Per Year


Legendary Support

Our support team is on hand to help with any of your problems. Highly trained, highly experienced and highly technical, our UK based team is on hand to answer your issues via email or on the phone

Unlimited Bandwidth

Enjoy fully unlimited bandwidth with your WeSync.It backup solution, we do not monitor bandwidth to or from the server, that means that you are free to upload and download as much as you want from the server.

FTP over SSL

We allow you to encrypt your transfers using SSL technology, this means that you can be sure that the data you are sending to the server is kept secure and safe from outside interference

cPanel Webdisk

All of our backup accounts include cPanel as standard. With cPanel, you can mount your backup space as a disk on your Windows/Mac/Linux machine. This allows you to use your backup space the same as any other disk on your computer.

Shell Access

We give all of our clients access to a jailed SSH. This allows you to manage and configure your backups via bash and create and test your own backup scripts. This gives you greater control over your backups than ever before!

RAID Protection

Our servers employ RAID technology, this means that should we suffer a disk failure, your data will still be secure and protected. We understand that your data is precious and often irreplaceable, this is why we use these technologies to keep your data safe.

Unlimited Backups

There are no set limits on the amount of backups you can perform or how many can be run concurrently within reason. If you are unsure if what you are planning would be allowed, then feel free to open a sales ticket to discuss your plans.

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